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Beats™ Audio Technology

Beats™ Audio technology was created to redefine what digital music playback should be. HP’s exclusive partnership with Dr. Dre and legendary music producer Jimmy Iovine has resulted in a superior audio system that reproduces the original sonic integrity of digital tracks – letting you hear the music the way recording artists intended.

What you hear: the highs, lows and subtle in-betweens like never before.
What you get: goose bumps, shivers down the spine and the feelings that artists put into their work.

Get that front-row feeling from the music you love—without compromise or distortion. Beats™ Audio is now available on a wider range of HP computers.

HP CoolSense Technology

With the increasing need for high-performance mobile computing devices, we want to provide users with additional control over cooling systems in their notebook PCs to enhance the personal computing experience. This enables users to compute more comfortably based on the thermal settings preference.

HP CoolSense Technology is a combination of hardware design and software innovation that will be introduced in select HP notebook PCs.

HP has redesigned the hardware architecture of selected notebook PCs to minimize and disperse heat with strategically placed vents. Additionally, innovative materials used in the hardware design of notebook PCs, such as different metals, soft-touch paint and non-conductive surfaces, contribute to the overall dispersion of heat.

As part of the software innovation of HP CoolSense Technology, HP introduces a built-in accelerometer that acts as an auto-detection device enabling the notebook to switch setting depending on the type of surface it is placed on i.e. hard surface or user’s lap. HP Thermal Assistant’s automatic cooling adjustment mechanism means end-users can control the balance between cooling intensity, noise output (fan noise adjustment) and length of battery life. There are three comfort settings to choose from on HP Thermal Assistant – optimal cooling, quiet or optimal performance.

Thanks to HP CoolSense technology, working on the go will be noticeably cooler and more comfortable.

HP webOS

HP webOS is a substantial step in HP’s vision to transform how people think, feel and connect.

It offers consumers a compelling user experience not available on any other platform, while providing developers an unparalleled level of openness to integrate their applications and services.

HP’s vision is to deliver the best mobile experience available today – on individual devices and across devices, leveraging HP’s product ecosystem.

HP webOS is a truly innovative operating system and experience, and we believe consumers will recognize that it offers so much more – true multitasking, card stacks, notifications that don’t interrupt you, and Just Type that allows users to start a thought, and then move right to a search or a quick action. It’s all very fluid and natural.

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